test“This is the best applesauce I ever had my taste buds have never been so excited.”
-Liz B.

“My six-year-old son said this is the best food he has every eaten and I couldn’t agree more.”
-Laura O.

“My husband will not usually eat anything unless it’s homemade and he can’t get enough of this stuff.”
-Barbara L.

“My kids go crazy for this and start doing a little dance at the dinner table when I get it out of the refrigerator.”
-Maria D.

“My family says this is the best meal that I make, thanks Jim.”
-Theresa G.

“Jim congrats on the sauce it really is something else. I could eat this every day.”
-Pete A.

“Jim this is better than any apple pie I’ve ever had. I can’ t believe this is supposed to be good for you.”
-Tony T.

“There’s only one word that describes this applesauce, Awesome.”
-Tina A.

“How inspirational, keep up the good work it is really fantastic, what other recipes are you producing?”
-Kerry K.

“Just tried our first jar of Mullen’s Apple Sauce from Calabria’s in Beverly. My daughter was just recovering from a gastric flu and I needed to give her a BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce and toast). I am going to tell our pediatrician about this. When the kids don’t feel like eating, they WILL eat this. I wont be buying any other apple sauce ever. Best to you”  Southside Fan

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