About Our Apple Sauce

aboutpageimageI have recreated my mom Audre’s recipe of a gourmet apple sauce which is the planet’s greatest. Period. It’s very thick and chunky and tastes “Like Apple Pie without the crust!” TM Officer Mullen’s Chicago’s Finest Apple Sauce is made with only the finest and freshest ingredients available. It is completely all-natural with absolutely no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and it’s both GMO and gluten free.

You may want to add Officer Mullen’s to your oatmeal, or try warming some to use as a topping on your favorite vanilla ice cream. Because it’s so thick and chunky there is a growing list of cooking and serving suggestions like as the filling for mini pies using refrigerated dough. As the “secret” ingredient in competitive bar-b-queue sauce, or to simmer carrots for a great taste that no kid from 1 to 91 would turn their nose to.

Check back with us for our first eCookbook coming soon!

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